Thursday, December 23, 2010

Private Label Production and Apparel Progams

Many customers call to inquire about private label apparel. In our factory cancellation business we always put our label on existing garments (private labeling commodity garments) while others want to have their own "private label" sewn in during manufacturing. We will provide either service. For customers who want products that are not commonly found due to shape, structure or fabric type we offer a full package custom apparel and sweater manufacturing to customer specifications with private labeling, marketing and packaging. Custom apparel and sweater manufacturing is typically more creative and rewarding.

When there are large volumes and replenishment programs it is beneficial to work with a well capitalized company with outstanding manufacturing partners who own Wal Mart and JC Penney approved factories. We will finance all costs of developing specs, sourcing the fabrics and making the samples. We deliver!

Our 45 years in branded production experience does provide a value added opportunity for your business to reach the mass market with a competitively priced original designed garment.

Communication, outstanding quality, on time deliveries, and financing are all a part of what makes our team outstanding in the world market place.

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