Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ami Sanzuri Apparel - Ready to provide great fall clothes during the August show

Ami Sanzuri Apparel, an OFFPRICE Show exhibitor for the past three shows, offers men's, women's and children's apparel.

Based out of Los Angeles, the relationships the company has carved out with key contacts overseas are outstanding, allowing them to consistently provide great values throughout their entire line of products. In fact, they even operate two warehouses in LA.

Ami Sanzuri is one of the only companies that imports a container of factory cancellations into Los Angeles each week and consistently offers new and exciting items to resellers and retailers, always below manufacturers' costs.

Through their partnership with the OFFPRICE Show they are extending their business into retail stores both large and small.

“In this crazy, tough economy where people are struggling to put gas in their tanks and food on the table, we know in our hearts that we are making a difference by providing beautiful, well constructed jackets, bottoms, tops and accessories, affordable to the critical mass discount supply chain,” said Ace Ross, sales and marketing director of Ami Sanzuri. “Our first OFFPRICE show in February 2010 was outstanding; we reached a whole new arena of boutiques and chain stores.”

They are introducing a full line of women’s and children’s dresses at the upcoming show in August that they are showcasing for Spring 2012.

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