Monday, December 20, 2010

Sluggish Sales Mean Business for Off-Price Stores

Off-Price Stores Appeal to Anyone Searching for a Bargain
By Donna L Montaldo, Guide

Typically, when merchandise does not sell quickly enough in department stores and specialty chain stores, the excess merchandise is shipped to the outlet divisions or sold to off-price stores such as TJMax. This allows for outlets and off-price stores to immediately set prices that offer substantial savings to shoppers.

The Best Time to Shop Off-Price Stores
The flow of goods into off-price stores can be sporadic. Bargain hunters shop the stores regularly, knowing at any given day the stock levels can go from weak to dynamic. They also know that the hot trendy styles and the popular name-brand items sell out quickly.

Off-price retailers generally offer:

•Name brand products.

•Department stores over-runs, seconds, or previous season's merchandise.

•Product ay includes clothing for men, women and children, shoes, accessories, grooming products, perfume, toys, housewares, linens, and small appliances.

•The stores are often located in strip centers and power centres.
Popular off-price retail stores include:

•T.J. Maxx

•Ross Stores

•Filene's Basement

•Falless Factory Stores

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